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Spoon shop

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September, 2023

Spoon shop


Spoon, a German-Italian fashion label, faced significant challenges with its initial ecommerce platform built on Shopware. The brand has been on the market for 12 years and has showrooms in some major cities in Europe but its digital presence was hampered by an underperforming website that functioned more as a static catalogue, rather than a dynamic sales channel. We reimagined Spoon's online storefront using Shopify, integrating key systems and deploying proven ecommerce strategies to restart the brand's online sales.


Spoon's original website was not only costly to maintain but also poorly optimised, resulting in a trivial annual order count. The primary issues included:

  • Limited ecommerce functionality.
  • High maintenance costs with minimal return on investment.
  • Inadequate user experience and design, not reflecting the brand's ethos.
  • Although they had an integration with their key business system - Zedonk, Shopware's support team was oftentimes unresponsive for prolonged periods of time, especially when Spoon were facing critical issues, further hampering their online sales efforts.


The primary goal was to transition Spoon to a Shopify-based platform that would:

  • Enhance the website's design and user experience, aligning with the latest ecommerce trends in fashion.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Zedonk, their chosen ERP solution for fashion brands, ensuring efficient stock management.
  • Incorporate advanced features like a custom wish list and a lookbook drawer.

Platform Migration to Shopify

We migrated Spoon's digital storefront to Shopify, known for its user-friendly interface and robust ecommerce capabilities. This transition laid the foundation for a scalable and maintenance-friendly website.

Design Overhaul

We introduced a clean and modern aesthetic, reflecting Spoon's brand identity and aligning with contemporary ecommerce trends. The new design enhanced user engagement and streamlined the shopping experience, allowing Spoon to restart their digital sales from day 1 after launch.

Product page

Zedonk Integration

Implementing the Zedonk Shopify connector was crucial for inventory management. This integration allowed Spoon's team to effortlessly manage stock availability, a key requirement for the client's operations.

Custom Wishlist Solution

We developed a wish list feature, enabling customers to save and revisit their favourite items, even without an account. This personalization enhanced the shopping experience and encouraged return visits.


Lookbook Feature

The Spoon lookbooks page showcases their fashion collections for various seasons, including Summer and Winter of different years. Each section offers a catalog for viewing their collection, highlighting the diverse range of fashion items they offer, from blouses and dresses to jackets and accessories. This platform serves as a visual representation of the brand's style and seasonal offerings, appealing to customers interested in the latest fashion trends. For more details, you can view the collections on their [lookbooks page](https://spoon-shop.com/pages/lookbooks).

The seasonal lookbook page showcases the specific season's collection, offering a range of fashion items such as blouses, shirts, dresses, and accessories. It presents the season's trends, allowing customers to shop the look of each featured outfit. This catalog page serves as a digital showroom, highlighting key pieces and trends of the season, with direct links for customers to purchase their favorite items online.


An individual look page shows a specific outfit from a collection. It features high-quality images of the ensemble and allows customers to directly purchase the items. This setup provides an immersive shopping experience, focusing on individual styles within the broader collection.


All the above is managed through the admin panel, allowing Spoon to easily add new collections, looks and select which products they contain.



The new Shopify-based storefront not only aligns with the brand's aesthetic but also provides the functionality and flexibility required for modern online retail. Spoon successfully re-established their online presence, with an optimised platform that resonates with its target audience and streamlines its operational processes.

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